Where to List Stamp Collections for Sale Online

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Where do you sell your stamps?

If you are a stamp collector who has a built up collection ready to sell, or an investor who buys and sells for profit and are looking for a place to list your stamp collection for sale online, then check out the below process for finding a well fit place.

The first thing you want to do when looking for a place to list your stamp collection for sale online is to determine whether you want it placed in an auctioneer website, or sold for a set price at another location. After that decision has been made you can continue on your path to sell by searching for the perfect place in a search engine.

If you decide to sell in an auctioneer website you can go about searching in a search engine for the most popular ones and check out their listing fees and see what forms of payment you can receive. Ebay is by far the most commonly used auctioneer website with buyers and sellers from all over the world, so if you are looking to get the most exposure to your collection, then that website is going to be your best option in form of auctioneer. There are however auctions that have online listings that specialize in collectibles, so checking with those and seeing their basic information for comparison is a great way to find the best place online to list your stamp collection for sale.

Aside from the all to common auctioneer websites, you can check out specialty websites that focus on buying and selling collectibles for a set price. With these types of websites you can check into selling either locally with a website like Craigslist and online classifieds, or to people from all over the world with non auction collectible listings. When looking to sell stamps online you want to get the most exposure, as to allow you to get the price you are asking, so taking both the local and global route is a recommended path to take when selling online.

Overall if you have a stamp collection you are looking to sell online, check out the auctioneer and the specialty websites available to you. When selling online it is important to have your collection properly described and appraised, as well as to check into the legitimacy of the buyer assuring a clear payment before you send them any form of your collection.

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