Types of Philatelic Literature

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Used Spanish Stamp - 1936

Philatelic literature is in abundance and serves as a very important resource for stamp collectors and dealers. There are different types of philatelic literature to cater for the different needs of postal stamp enthusiasts. Below is an overview of the most common types.

Stamp Catalogs

Catalogs are the main types of philatelic literature. They are a resource on the different types of stamps available and where they can be found as well as their values in the market. The catalogs can be further classified as world wide catalogs, geographic area catalogs, time period catalogs or single country catalogs. There are also specialized catalogs as well. Time period catalogs are those that were issued at a particular time in history, e.g. during the reign of a famous king, war time period, etc.


Philatelic books are more into the history of particular kinds of stamps. Unlike catalogs that usually dwell on date, market value and denominations, books usually delve into the history behind a stamp. Books explain how, when and where particular stamps were used, as well the reason for their being issued. There are also books that are guides to collectors on how and where to find stamps, how to care for one’s collection, etc.

Auction Catalogs

When stamp dealers are having auctions of famous stamps, they usually publish catalogs of the available stamps that will go on auction. The catalogs are a specialized type of philatelic literature that deals with a particular event, in this case a public auction. They give a brief history of the stamps to underscore their importance and in the process raise their auction value.


Another type of philatelic literature is periodicals. These may be society newsletters or even journals. Postal societies usually publish newsletters for their members to appraise them on the state of their movement as well as what’s new or being planned for the coming period. Journals too serve the same purpose though these are not confined to a society as they can be general.

There are other types of philatelic literature like bibliographies that offer a guide to literature material available in the market. Then there are other resources that are not directly related to stamp collecting but nonetheless important. These are newspapers, currency exchange rates, maps and other such info.

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