Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Free Stamps

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Where do you go for free stamps?

Well stamp collectors, whether you are just starting out or you are a veteran of this fine and time honored tradition, everyone is interested in finding free stamps. Unfortunately, in this day and age, legitimate people offering free stamps, or free anything for that matter, are hard to find.

The easiest way to get free stamps is to simply go to your mail box. Although this won't yield any rare stamps it can certainly get you off to a good start. You can also ask a friend to save their stamps and to be on the lookout for any interesting ones. If you have pen pal from a foreign country or a friend who gets letters from out of country that's even better!

Another option is your place of business or, for the younger generation, your parents work. If you or your parents have international or even local business contacts they may be more than happy to give you some of their stamps to help your collection. Some options are a little more fun, especially if you're a youngster just starting out.

To start you can ask your parents or grandparents if they have any old letters with the stamps still on them. Nine chances out of ten, they will. Second, if you have a relative or an elderly neighbor that collects stamps, he or she would most likely be very happy to give you some of their duplicates, or a special stamp, to help you on your way. An even better option, for parents and children, would be to start your own local stamp collecting club. These methods are only useful if you are interested in used stamps.

Finding free stamps is a little more difficult if you want to collect mint stamps. You can consider going on the internet and joining one of the many stamp clubs advertised. A lot of them offer a free set of stamps simply for joining. However, you must be careful of scams and the like when choosing one, or more, clubs to join.

There are quite a few clubs that will send you the free stamps, but also other stamps that you have the option of buying or returning. The best, and probably safest, way to get free stamps is trading. If you are in a club or have friends in the area, trading is a great way to get free stamps.

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