How to Get the Stamp Collecting Merit Badge

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Stamp Collecting Merit Badge

The Boy Scout Stamp Collecting Merit Badge has been around since 1932. It has continued to be updated ever since. To be honest, this merit badge is not one of the easiest badges around to earn. It has a reputation for being a challenging and tough one. For those who can stick it out, you will be rewarded with a very comprehensive knowledge that you can be proud of for a lifetime. Especially during times when current interests in stamp collecting seems low among today's youth, earning this badge will surely set you apart from your video gaming peers.

To help assist candidates for the Stamp Collecting Merit Badge the Boy Scouts of America publish the 40 page long, Stamp Collectors Merit Badge Pamplet. Costing $2.40 (isn't that the cost of a stamp these days?) you can find this pamphlet at your local Council offices, or Scout Distributors.

Never underestimate the value in someone else's knowledge in this area. Find a lifetime collector, a hobbiest, someone who has a true passion for stamps and spend the afternoon with them. Spend a few afternoons with them. Most people love to share their knowledge about their hobby. It is always easier to learn from someone one on one, than from reading a book or website.

There are many sources out there to help assist with your pursuit of the Stamp Collecting Merit Badge. Use your local library, check for local clubs, use the vast services the internet provide, check your local Post Office for suggestions, ideas and assistance.

Like anything, your commitment, motivation and determination will be the keys in completing the Stamp Collecting Merit Badge. Easy, isn't what you are going to find here, but learning how people, history, geography are all represented within the world of stamp collecting will help to drive your interest.

In the end you will master a large volume of knowledge and hands on skill through this hobby. You may even be inspired to start your own stamp collection or who is to say you won't be the next stamp designer.

To view the Stamp Collecting Merit Badge pamphlet and the list of requirements toward earning your Stamp Collecting Merit Badge visit the Boy Scouts of America website and be on your way to completing your goals!

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