How to Frame a Stamp Collection

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A Framed Stamp Collection

Stamps are, more or less, an understated art form for many, but for the collector they are so much more. Though a product with a definite and necessary function, stamps end up being more than the representation of purchased mail shipping. Stamps serve as a snap shot of history, a memorial of years and great people gone by, and creative and expressive art in a miniature format. Framing a stamp collection is an ideal way to preserve the tiny treasures and have them on display or give them as a gift. Learning how to frame a stamp collection is simple and once learned will never be forgotten.

Often times framed stamps are placed together in a theme. If used to decorate a room, the stamps may be chosen by color or subject element (tropical themed room, than beach and palm tree stamps). If the framed stamps will be given as a gift the theme may be chosen by the subject (music, then Elvis Presley, Aretha Franklin, musical notes, and instruments). For land mark stamps and collections a sheet of hard to find stamps or just one stamp may be framed for not just artwork but protected memorabilia.

Learning how to frame a stamp collection is as simple as learning how to frame a picture. After choosing a frame and a mat board for the stamps, it is best to plan out the layout of the framed stamps before affixing them to the mat board. This can be easily done with paper cut to the dimensions of the mat board and pieces of paper cut roughly to the size of the desired stamps. With these cut outs the stamp collector may choose from different layouts without any commitment. Other items may be arranged with the stamps such as a photograph or a description of the stamp issuance. For an extra touch, along with the optional pictures and information the mat board may be covered with a piece of theme-matching decorative scrap-book paper to give dimension to the collection.

Once the layout has been chosen, the stamps may be placed in stamp mounts, specially made pockets that protect and adhere the stamp to the mat board without the need to use the stamps original adhesive. Once in the stamp mounts the stamps may be placed on the chosen mat board. Afterward the mat board with the stamps may be placed into the picture frame, with the stamps pressed against the picture frame glass. Afterward, the picture frame backing may be placed over the back of the mat board. The framed stamps are now ready for display to enhance the décor of a room or for giving away as a gift.

Once a stamp collector learns how to frame a stamp collection, they will be able to create timeless displays that will last a lifetime.

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