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If you are a stamp collector in search of a way to house and display your stamps, then check out the modern and eccentric methods below of display.

When looking into stamp collecting and stamps in general your first priority is to make sure the stamps are properly maintained in their collection place. Once you have assured that the place they are stored in is not going to cause any damage you can begin taking a look into the display methods for your stamps.

The first and most common way to display stamps is through a binder or portfolio with clear inlays that allow you to place the stamps in between two sheets of plastic-like wrap that both protect the stamps, while allowing them to be seen both front and back. This is a great way to display your stamps because the binder method allows for easy removal and placement of stamps, as well as a compact setting for your stamps to be housed. The only downside to using a binder to display your stamps is that some stamps may not fit in right with the plastic inlays, so you may end up having to cut the inlays or purchase custom ones for a proper collection and display.

Aside from the common binder method of displaying your stamps, if you are an avid collector with a well built collection, you can choose to do a more unique approach of display. A display case for your collection is a great way to keep the stamps safe in a stable environment. The most common type of display case is similar to the plastic inlays, in that the case will have several compartments for the stamps to be housed in, and can be opened and closed with a snapping motion. The more modern display cases can be as simple as to be a plastic case that houses a single stamp, or as ornate as to be made of glass that encases thousands of stamps and is placed upon a wall for decoration.

When looking to display your stamps, the choice on how ornate or how basic a housing unit is, is all up to you, your personal preferences, and most importantly your budget. The larger your collection becomes the more eccentric you may like to go with your collection, but in the end whether you choose a plastic binder with inlays, or a glass wall, displaying your stamps is a personal choice and the method you choose is all up to you.

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