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Finding stamp collection buyers is quite easy. There are many who advertise themselves as buyers in newspapers and online. Jump online and do a quick search and you're bound to come up with thousands of results to choose from. The trick is actually finding honest and fair buyers. While many claim to be buyers, what they really mean is "I'll buy your stamp collection for as far under it's actual value as I can."

That isn't to say these people or companies are swindlers; they're just businessmen (or women.) We all know the most basic principle of earning a profit is to sell a product for more than you bought it for. If someone in the stamp business expects to sell a collection for whatever its value, then they need to buy it for less than that value. So if you want a quick sale, and don't mind losing a few bucks in the process, this type of buyer may be perfect for you.

If you're ok with a longer sale process, however, and expect to get the most out of your collection, it is better to find a buyer who is not interested in reselling. These buyers are strictly hobbyists and/or collectors, and want to buy collections simply for the love of them. They are willing, and even expect to pay the market price for collections.

The first step to selling your stamp collection is knowing exactly what it's worth. Looking up prices and values in a Scott Catalog or other resources can help you get a firm idea of what to expect for your stamp collection. Be sure to factor in the condition of your stamps when you are finding the value.

Once you've discovered just how much your collection is worth, you can begin searching for a buyer. If you wish to sell quickly, you may contact any number of buyers online or locally and barter a price which suits both of you. If not, you can begin calling local stamp clubs and informing them what you have and what's it worth. Someone in the club may be interested in purchasing right away, or the word may circulate for awhile before any takers speak up.

You may also wish to list your collection using online ads or ebay, but be wary of shipping dangers, and ship your collection as "delicate." Even finding a buyer the "hard way" will typically take just a few weeks, and can be a very rewarding process!

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