Stamp Collection Software

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Stamp Collection Software

There are many different types of stamp collection software that are efficient and will help you value, organize, and track your collection quickly and more easily, making the task more of a hobby than work because it will be enjoyable. The best stamp inventory program that is used in managing stamps is the Ezstamp, which is available in 100 countries. It has hundreds of stamps and thousands of images.

Plate Number Coil

One of the stamp collection programs for this is the Plate Number Coil database that has more than 1000 entries, among of which are the Us Revenues, UN Canada, CDN Provinces, Duck stamps, Hawaii, and Philippines among others. The plate number coil has a number of features that makes the software unique and easier to use, especially with the free demo provided to guide you throughout the process to make you value and appreciate stamp collection.


This software is the dream for all stamp collectors because it will let you create your own album pages more easily and quickly, thus saving you time and money. The software is easy to use and you have the ability to use the images and data within the Ezstamp to make the images and stamp sizes pre-supplied for you. The software has a free demo as well as the most powerful and versatile yet easy to use stamp album page layout program available to help you know how to use it.


EzGrader is another stamp collection software that is popular worldwide and will help you measure stamp perforation, centering, as well as grading from your own images more easily than the rest. This software is very powerful, reliable, and easy to use. After scanning your stamp, it will be able to determine the centering of the stamp and assign the grade to it very easily.


This is the short form for Washington Franklin Identifier, which is a piece of software that is easy to use. It is used to help you identify Washington/ Franklin stamps faster. This software is unique and has very many detailed images that will help you in identifying the differences between the various types stamps.


Aside from stamp collection software, there is an image editor software that is also necessary in stamp collection, and this image editor is EzImage. This software has very many powerful features built-in that will help you edit your images to the sizes you want to give your work that professional look everyone admires.

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Caring For Your Stamps

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Stamp Collection Preservation

If you are an avid stamp collector well on your way to forming a personalized collection, then check out how to care for your stamps as your collection grows.

The first thing you want to do when looking to get involved in stamp collecting is to make sure you have an area designated for each and every piece. A binder or a notebook with clear plastic placers is a perfect example of a baseline protective area for your stamps, but really anything that has room to house your stamps and not damage them can be used.

After you have an area created to house your stamps, you want to turn your attention to placement of each piece. Whenever you add a piece to your collection, you want to note its measurements and how well it will fit in your designated area. It is important that when forming your collection that you make space for each stamp to fit in, and take note of the possibility of adding a whole roll or row of stamps. Whenever you are adding to your collection, you want to make sure that the stamps aren't damaged in their placement, and if you have to fold a row to fit in, that you fold on one of the crease lines between stamps. It is recommended to keep all stamps in as pristine condition as possible, so if the option to not fold is available, take that method of placement.

With the collection well placed in a safe area, you want to make sure you monitor and clean out your collection from time to time. Going through your collection, and making sure that each piece is properly placed and that no damage has occurred to the collection is important when caring for your stamps. Every so often you may have the need to rearrange your stamps in order to keep them fitting well in your collection, this is normal and can be beneficial to the care of your stamps to help with keeping up the cleanliness of the collection, and to avoid allowing the stamps to sit in one place for too long.

Overall, caring for your stamps incorporates an attention to detail, and proper placement, but as long as you create a safe place for your stamp collection to grow, and monitor each and every page from time to time, you will find yourself with a well kept highly maintained collection.

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Online Stamp Catalogs

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Welsh Stamps

Online Stamp Catalogs are the fastest way to get the most current information about stamps and stamp collecting. There are several reputable sources for online stamp catalogs. For the new or expert stamp collector (philatelist), it is good to be familiar with some of the online stamp catalogs like Mystic Stamp Company, the Stamp Catalogue or even the US Post Office catalog.

Mystic Stamp Company says they’re America’s largest Stamp Dealer. They are one of the sources I used when I started collecting stamps. I really like the Mystic Stamp site because it offers tips on how to start collecting, photos of stamps and information about all the supplies needed to help organize a stamp collection and free stamps too!

Stamp Catalogue rates high on the search list. They are an online source for stamp information. They provide plenty the information to get started with this interesting hobby. At you’ll find pictures of stamps, the value of the stamp and a price guide to help you get started buying and selling stamps.

The US Post Office has a stamp catalog of current stamps available. Purchasing special stamps at face value is a good investment for the collector who intends to speculate on stamps and use them as an asset.

Online Stamp Catalogs have browse buttons that organize by decades or countries which make it simple to find a particular stamp if you’re researching the value or price. Using the browse buttons helps collectors see and remember which stamps they need to complete parts of their collection.

Online Stamp Catalogs can solve gift giving problems. Give unique and memorable gifts to your friends that show you’re thinking of their interests. Framed collectible stamps of favorite cartoon characters, music bands, singers, politicians, flowers, pottery, or sports tell your friends that you really care.

For example: my friend’s teenage daughter loves the Beatles. So I bought British stamps of the Fab Four, then had the stamps framed. The gift was on display throughout the party and was hung on the wall the next day.

Stamp collecting can bring generations together. When a girl helps her grandpa find online stamp catalogs or a boy reminds his grandmother of all the important women who have been featured on stamps from Martha Washington to Marilyn Monroe, the future of stamp collecting is as secure as the love of grandparents.

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Stamp Collecting

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4 Types of Stamps

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Thai Commemorative Stamps

Collecting stamps from all over the world is not a mere hobby; it is an undying passion for trillions of people around the world. Some people collect stamps to relive the past, after all, there is no future without the past. Each stamp has its own interesting story to tell about famous people and places, and this fact has inspired people to collect stamps no matter how much effort they have to put into it. Owning a worthy collection of stamps can earn you some real good money provided you know how to sell or swap them. Serious stamp collectors are called Philatelist and they collect stamps to understand the culture of different nations. It’s the most interesting way to study their climatic and political conditions. You can learn about the various specialties in the flora and fauna of other countries by studying their stamps. People collect both used stamps or mint stamps. There are different types of stamps, and sorting these stamps on the basis of country, culture and other diverse topics are both an interesting and educating experience.

For the significant role stamps play in the history of humanity, there are different types of stamps. We discuss four different kinds of postage stamps in this post. They are special, commemorative, health and definitive stamps.

  1. Special stamps or celebration stamps need no introduction; they are used for unique occasions like Christmas, Easter and other festivals. They kind of promote the holiday spirit and can be bought at regular rates.
  2. Commemorative stamps are used to commemorate a special event in history, even significant achievements and events. They are usually made in small numbers because of the definitive purpose they serve.
  3. Health stamps are a bit more expensive because of the revenue generated from them, which is turned over to children’s health camps. They are widely used in places like New Zealand.
  4. Definitive stamps are common types of stamps and you can get these at regular prices from the Post Office. They are not necessarily attractive like the other two because they just serve the purpose of everyday usage. Their designs have more or less remained the same for many years.

Depending on the kind of postage that you are paying, there are different types of stamps such as airmail stamps, coil stamps, military stamps and official stamps. Stamp collecting is a good hobby to develop among young school going children, because all their geography and history lessons become fun filled learning experiences, which will help them retain forever what they have learned. Others collect stamps because their antique value, pictures, colors and aesthetic appeal intrigue them.

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Stamp Collecting

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Attending a Stamp Exhibit

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Stamp Exhibit

Stamp collecting is fun for beginners and collectors alike, and going to a stamp exhibit can spark a new interest in the art of stamp collecting. At an exhibit you can view exhibits from other collectors, buy stamps and trinkets to add to your collection and network with other collectors and collaborate.

Attending a Stamp Exhibit

Attending a stamp exhibit is an excellent way to introduce you to the world of stamp collecting and shop the mall of stamp emporiums. Hard to find stamps can be found, discounted supplies, rare and out of date stamps from different themes and time periods. The first thing you want to do when attending a show is to go to the registration table and pick up whatever they have, a schedule of events, souvenir cards etc. The schedule shows schedule of events, meetings, exhibit titles, and vendors. This will come in handy when you’re walking around to different locations. Also while at registration ask to put your name on a mailing list this way you can be informed of all upcoming events and shows in your area.

Types of Exhibits

There are so many types of exhibits at a stamp show, that it takes all day to drink it all in. There are traditional exhibits where the stamps tell a story about the history of a stamp or stamp series, the artwork, production and usage of the stamp. There are divisional exhibits that may deal with postal stationary, documents, illustrated mail etc. There are also single frame and youth exhibits. A single frame exhibit usually involves one frame that consists of up to 16 pages of one stamp type. Then there is the youth exhibits which may consist of one or multiple frames of any division type.


There are stamp exhibits that take place just about every week all around the country and they are filed with curious consumers, collectors and enthusiast from all around the world. Attending a Stamp exhibit is a great way for beginners and experienced alike to meet mingle and purchase rare stamps and stamps that cannot be found anywhere else. These shows offer a smorgasbord of stamps for the most avid collector and it is a treat for the eyes, the soul and the pocket. There are so many deals to be found and sites to see that anyone that goes should have an adventurous time. So go and enjoy yourself.

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Stamp Show

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How to Identify Valuable Stamps

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Rare Stamp Misprint: FDR has 6 Fingers

Collecting stamps can be a fun hobby as well as a lucrative past time for people. Stamp collecting is known as philately and it is hobby practiced by many people world wide. Most collectors do it as a fun past time where as there are those who look at philately very seriously and go out of their way to collect rare and valuable stamps. Indeed some see the capability to find rare stamps as an art from. Never the less it is possible for a stamp collector who is just starting this hobby to learn how to identify valuable stamps. There are some basic techniques and methods involved to help find that rare stamp you have been looking for. The following part of the article will discuss some of these methods.

The first and foremost method in order to identify valuable stamps is to do a lot of research. Doing as much research as one can increases the chances of identifying valuable stamps. One of the best places to research is at the local library. By going through the books available on stamp collecting, you will slowly learn how to identify condition and grading standards. You will also learn about current stamp prices. In the course of research you will learn about the different stamps and where they can be found. When you have accomplished this it will save you any future heartache or disillusionment when you find a stamp that may not actually be worth anything. One of the most important things you will learn is techniques such as identifying water marks.

Once you have identified the type of stamp you are looking for, it is a good idea to keep a small diary describing the stamp. Along with a diary you should also get a chart known as perforation chart and keep it with your book. This chart will help you identify how much perforation a stamp has, which will be of immense help to identify valuable stamps.

There are also pocket stamp guides which can help you. There is a common misconception that just because a stamp is old it will automatically be valuable. This is not always true for the simple reason that there can be many copies of an old stamp. As with many things a stamps value is usually connected with its scarcity not necessarily its age. This why a pocket hand guide can be very helpful.

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Finding a Stamp Collection Auction

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Bird Stamps

Stamp collecting or philately is considered a great hobby not only for kids but also for the older people. Such people may have a profound interest to compile various kinds of stamps on their album. Stamp collecting can be viewed not just as a hobby but also as a mode of collecting information. A stamp may feature different kinds of things ranging from famous personalities to historical events.

You can search for a stamp collection auction if you wish to sell or add to your stamp collection. Many people are eager to make profits from their unique stamp collection. The price value of a unique stamp may be very high depending on the limited version of release or its rare nature. Such stamps can be bought from stamp collection auctions easily. You can for instance become a member of the Stamp Auction Network, which is the number one place to find auction calendars, stamp auction catalogs, images of stamps, prices realized and lots more! Bidding is also virtually free and easy at Stamp Auction Network. You can sell your collection outright or consign it to an appropriate auction house.

You can find out about a stamp collection auction in your area by browsing through local newspapers or philatelic magazines. By going to an auction, you may easily come across stamp collectors who want to buy some of your stamps to complete or add to their collection. Magazines and newspapers also carry advertisements asking for special or rare varieties of stamps. The internet is a good thing to make use of, because you can join auction sales online to sell your stamps at a higher price. You can compare the prices offered from present advertisements online and get the best price for your stamp.

Finding a stamp collection auction is all the easier when you join gatherings or clubs and interact with people who share the same passion. In this way, you can also meet people who are collecting items just like you. You can also trade some of your stamps for a particular stamp that you have been looking for.

Last but not the least, a stamp collector must always be on the lookout for important announcements related to stamp exhibitions or auctions. He should also be in a position to care for his stamps well because they are extremely sensitive. They are not just pieces of paper but products having profound value and importance.

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A Guide to Stamp Collecting for Beginners

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Victorian Toronto Stamps

If you are an avid collector of items, or are particularly interested in stamps and their collectible value and are interested in getting involved in stamp collecting, then check out the below guide on stamp collecting for beginners.

The first thing you want to do when looking to collect stamps is purchase or make a portfolio to house your collection. There are several custom made binders that can be purchased online or through a collection specialty store in your local area that are great for housing your stamps while allowing you to easily access and view the entire collection. When looking at binders you may need to purchase more than one depending on how many stamps you intend to collect, and the size of the binder that you prefer.

After you have purchased a binder or portfolio to house your collection, you can begin placing any stamps you have laying around into the portfolio for safe keeping. Once you have all the stamps that you have begun your collection with stacked away in safekeeping, you can concentrate on growing your collection.

When looking to collect stamps you can benefit greatly by purchasing a value placing guide on stamps to help you in your future stamp purchases. Some stamps can be as valuable as several thousand dollars, while others can be worth as much as the paper they are printed on. With a guide in hand and a place to house your collection, you can begin building your collection through paying visits to your local post office, or by searching online. The internet is a great place for you to find collectibles and hard to find stamps through the utilization of specialty and auctioneer websites.

When looking to create a stamp collection you want to have an array of stamps that reflect several years of history, as well as stamps that reflect modern times. When building the collection you can choose which stamps you like and which you don't, so essentially your collection becomes a reflection of yourself. When purchasing stamps for your collection you want to make sure you are paying a fair price and to reflect upon your buyers guide with each purchase.

Overall stamp collecting can be an enjoyable hobby for children and adults alike, and as long as you have a place to stash your stamps and a constant income so you can purchase more, you can put yourself on the road to having a well fulfilled collection.

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How to Make the Most Out of Your Stamp Show Experience

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Romanian stamps

Stamp collectors all recognize the words “stamp show”; many of us get excited over them. But how can you make the most out of your stamp show visit?

The answer is simple, short and sweet: preparation.

First off, do your research. Find out who is going to be there. Learn which dealers and which stamp collecting organizations will be in attendance. Once you learn that, you can do a little research amongst your fellow stamp collectors and online to find out what those dealers specialize in, which will help determine which dealers you will want to visit first. Once you get the stamps you want, you will be able to explore the other dealers. And, on the other hand, by finding out what organizations are there, you will be able to fraternize with any you might belong to or you might find a group with which to affiliate yourself. By planning ahead of time and making sure you find at least some of the stamps you want, you will have more time left over to be social.

The second step in preparation is gathering your materials prior to the show. Make sure you have your tools – magnifying glass, loupe, tongs, etc. – and a way to transport your new collectibles safely and securely. This will assure that you are completely prepared and ready to take on the show, all without wandering around aimlessly and hoping to come across a stamp you want by chance and without destroying any of your new items.

Another step in preparation is to make a checklist of stamps that you would like to add to your collection. No, you might not get them all at once, but keeping the checklist will make sure that you will get the stamps you want and help you keep organized the ones you have and do not have. This will last you not only the soonest upcoming show but for many shows afterward.

And make sure you prepare for the day of the show. Double-check that you don't have any previous engagements, chores or obligations. After all, you want to enjoy the show worry-free.

Finally, be prepared to enjoy the show! After all, it isn’t business; it’s a hobby, and we all have our hobbies to keep ourselves entertained. Preparation will ensure that you get to enjoy the show to its fullest without missing out on anything fun!

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Stamp Collecting for Kids

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Kids and Stamp Collecting

Collecting stamps can be a fun, easy, and fulfilling hobby. Many collectors started out by simply collecting stamps from letters that either they or their parents received in the mail. Eventually, most stamp collectors find a specific collection type.

There are three basic types of stamp collecting. You can collect stamps from a specific country; maybe one you have visited or have a special interest in. Another type of collecting is by date. This can be a specific date that is special to you or by a special event. You can also collect by themes. Examples would be animals, flowers, or trains.

Before you start collecting, there are a few tools that will help you to take proper care of your collection and make it more enjoyable. Stamp tweezers are a special tool used to handle stamps. Even if you wash your hands, your stamps can become damaged from the oils on your hands. A magnifying glass will give you a better look at your collection. Hinges are small folded pieces of paper with glue on one side. These will allow you to remove your stamps later without damaging them. A stamp catalog lists all of the stamps that have ever been made. It may help you to get an idea on what type of stamps you want to collect. Glassine envelopes are special envelopes that can protect your stamps until you are ready to mount them. In addition to these basic tools, you will also need a place to mount your stamps to keep them protected.

A stamp album is a special album used to collect stamps. Stamp albums have pictures of all the stamps made. With a stamp album, you just simply match your stamp to the picture of the stamp in the album. You can also use a stock book. A stock book contains a heavy card material that will keep your stamps safe. This is better than a regular notebook. The pages in a notebook are too thin to protect your stamps. The card stock will keep your stamps from getting creases or bend in them. Stock books also allow you to arrange your stamps however you want.

You will find more enjoyment in your collection if you take the time to organize it. There are lost of fun and different ways to organize your collection. You can organize it by date, theme, or you can create a story line with your stamps. While organizing your stamps, be sure to take into consideration the size, shape, and color of your stamps. You may want to take the time to arrange them before actually mounting them in your book. This way, you can rearrange them easier. Once you have them arranged in a way that you like, you can mount them in your book. You also might want to take the time to write a small bit of information about your stamp. This can be done either by writing directly in the book or by typing it on the computer and then pasting the strip to your book.

Before you can mount your stamps, it is important to know how to properly remove them from an envelope. The most common method used is called soaking. To start, you will want to cut the envelope as close to the stamp as possible. Be careful to not cut the stamp. It's also a good idea to separate out the ones on colored envelopes. The reason is that the dye from the envelope can ruin your other stamps. Next, place your stamp face up in a shallow bowl of warm water. After several minutes, the stamp will separate from the envelope. Never force it off. This can damage the stamp. Now you can remove the stamp from the water with your tweezers. Place your stamps between two clean paper towels. Then, place a heavy book on top of them so that they dry flat. Leave them to dry overnight. The next morning, they will be ready to mount.

Starting a stamp collection is easy and fun. Once you have started, you will want to share it. Sharing your collection with people you love is the only thing more fun than actually collecting! Have fun collecting!

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Stamp Collecting

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