Where to Find Stamp Collecting News

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25-Jan-1978 UK First Day Cover

If you are a stamp collector who is looking for the latest on new releases, and overall stamp news, then check out the below method for finding out where to find stamp collecting news.

The first and most commonly used method to find out the latest news on stamp collecting is through the internet. There are thousands of websites that specialize in stamp collecting and offer an array of news about stamp releases, recent high value sells, and overall trends within the stamp collecting community. To find a good website to help you find the latest in stamp collecting news, you can utilize any basic search engine by typing in the search box stamp collecting news source. Once you have found a reliable website you can check into joining their mailing list both email and personal to help you find out the latest information on what is happening with your hobby.

Aside from the commonly and easily accessed internet utilization to help you find the latest is going-ons within the stamp collecting community, looking in the magazine section of your local collection shop, or online source can help you find out the most recent in stamp collecting news. While stamp collecting is a simple hobby enjoyed by hundreds of thousands, there are not a whole lot of mainstream magazines that can be used to find out the latest in stamp collecting news; however if you are fortunate enough to have a collectors shop in your local area, you can be sure to find a magazine on stamp collecting that you can subscribe to. While there are only a few hard copy magazines on stamp collecting and collecting in general, you can turn again to the internet and the online magazines that are based on there for all the latest news on stamp collecting.

A final option of finding out about what's happening in the stamp collecting community is through your local post office. Paying a visit and inquiring with a worker who works with the stamps is a great way to get a direct source of what is going on in the stamp collecting community. It is however a bit pestering to the workers at the post office, so it is advised to utilize the internet for your information needs.

Overall if you are a stamp collector in search of the news on what's happening with your hobby in terms of high value sells and new releases, check out how the internet and collectors shops can benefit you.

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Online Stamp Catalogs

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Welsh Stamps

Online Stamp Catalogs are the fastest way to get the most current information about stamps and stamp collecting. There are several reputable sources for online stamp catalogs. For the new or expert stamp collector (philatelist), it is good to be familiar with some of the online stamp catalogs like Mystic Stamp Company, the Stamp Catalogue or even the US Post Office catalog.

Mystic Stamp Company says they’re America’s largest Stamp Dealer. They are one of the sources I used when I started collecting stamps. I really like the Mystic Stamp site http://www.mysticstamp.com/ because it offers tips on how to start collecting, photos of stamps and information about all the supplies needed to help organize a stamp collection and free stamps too!

Stamp Catalogue rates high on the search list. They are an online source for stamp information. They provide plenty the information to get started with this interesting hobby. At http://www.stampcatalogue.org/ you’ll find pictures of stamps, the value of the stamp and a price guide to help you get started buying and selling stamps.

The US Post Office has a stamp catalog of current stamps available. Purchasing special stamps at face value is a good investment for the collector who intends to speculate on stamps and use them as an asset. https://shop.usps.com/

Online Stamp Catalogs have browse buttons that organize by decades or countries which make it simple to find a particular stamp if you’re researching the value or price. Using the browse buttons helps collectors see and remember which stamps they need to complete parts of their collection.

Online Stamp Catalogs can solve gift giving problems. Give unique and memorable gifts to your friends that show you’re thinking of their interests. Framed collectible stamps of favorite cartoon characters, music bands, singers, politicians, flowers, pottery, or sports tell your friends that you really care.

For example: my friend’s teenage daughter loves the Beatles. So I bought British stamps of the Fab Four, then had the stamps framed. The gift was on display throughout the party and was hung on the wall the next day.

Stamp collecting can bring generations together. When a girl helps her grandpa find online stamp catalogs or a boy reminds his grandmother of all the important women who have been featured on stamps from Martha Washington to Marilyn Monroe, the future of stamp collecting is as secure as the love of grandparents.

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Where to Order Collectible Stamps Online

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Where do you go to for Stamp Buying Online?

Young and old alike enjoy collecting stamps, and anyone that has ever been into stamp collecting knows how exciting it can be to find one of those very rare stamps. The internet is an incredible place to locate some very sweet deals on those rare stamps that you would love to have in your collection. Now just where to order collectible stamps online? Well, just keep reading and you will learn more about how and where.

There is no lack of websites out there that have a vast amount of information on collecting stamps. You can find everything from various links to sites that have collectible stamps for sale online to how to start you first collection.

The two most important pieces of information that you need to know beforehand are, what types of stamps really catch you eye (this will help you narrow your online search) and of course, you need to know what your hobbies budget will be. You do want to set your heart on something that you cannot afford, that can take a lot of the fun out of it. No one wants to start a hobby that is supposed to bring them some fun and happiness just to be disappointed, so know what your limits are to avoid disappointment.

As we all already know the internet is a worldwide venue, so there is no limit to the people you can meet online. People from all over the world, ready to trade and sell various items from their collections, more often than not at really good prices.

A great place to start in your online stamp collecting endeavors would be an online stamp auction. This is a great place to order collectible stamps online due to the fact that there are many online auction sites that specifically deal with stamp collecting. The online auctions are a great place to start. You can look around and find the stamps that appeal to your collector’s eye as well as your personal budget at the same time.

Of course there is nothing wrong with doing it the old fashioned way and simply surfing the internet to find those collectible stamps online. You can find a variety of other collectors that have websites advertising their collections, some will have set prices for them while others may be interested in trading a stamp you may have in your collection. You may also find links to classified ads or if you know exactly what you need, you can search the internet for a specific item. The possibilities of shopping online for collectible stamps can be endless.

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A list of Stamp Collection Appraisers

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Italy World Cup Soccer Stamp - 1934

Many time's the owner of a stamp collection is not aware of the true value of his or her collection and must seek the advice of a skilled stamp collection appraiser. Appraisers are experts who will examine a collection and give a written estimate of it's value.

A list of Stamp Collection Appraisers is always a good item to have because it give's the owner of the collection the opportunity to get various opinions from more than one source about the collections value. That's not to say that all appraisers will miss inform you, but, most appraisers are indeed stamp collectors themselves and make a living by buying and selling stamps and some will offer to pay you as little as possible for your collection.

A stamp collection can be brought and sold above or below the price that's listed in the stamp catalog. That decision is completely determined by the collector, however appraisers determine market value by using criteria such as, 'What condition is the collection in?', 'How has it been stored?' and 'Did the collector spend a lot of money establishing his collection?' These are just a few ways, there are many more that the appraiser uses to determine value.

Within your list of stamp collection appraisers should include those who are members of The American Philatelic Society. These appraisers adhere to a strict code of ethics and will generally give you an honest appraisal.Here's a list of a few very reputable Stamp collection Appraisers.

The American Stamp Dealer's Association (ASDA): Appraisal fees vary depending on the size of the collection.

The Mystic Stamp Company: A very reputable company with over 35 years experience valuing and buying stamps.

The American Philatelic Society: Excellent company will well established code of ethics, will appraise some collections for free.

If you are a stamp collector seeking to know the true value of your collection, the three companies listed above are all excellent choices for you to consider. Always remember that there are those out there who are only interested in lining their pockets with your hard earned money and if they can do that by cheating you out of your stamp collection, they will. Remember to always have a list of stamp collection appraisers, so you will always know the true value of your collection.

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Selling a Stamp Collection

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Stamp Collection

When I was younger I really liked to collect stamps. But as I grew up and got involved in other fun activities, I gradually started losing interest in the stamp collecting hobby. So, I started thinking of selling my collection of stamps. After all, I didn't want all that hard work to get wasted!

So, if you too have given up collecting stamps or have inherited a nice collection, and are wondering about how to sell stamp collection, then you need not worry. There are a number of stamp collectors who'd be willing to purchase your collection at a price that it merits. Your stamps may not be worth a fortune, but there's no harm in trying to earn some extra bucks.

Start by acquiring an idea about the worth of your collection. You could do this in many ways. You need to proceed depending upon the way you intend to sell your stamps.

Selling through Dealers:

You could hire a local appraiser to assist you with the sale. He would examine the collection to give a written estimate of what it's worth. This is a good way to proceed as the appraisers have no interest in buying the collection. Thus, there's no reason for them to cheat you by quoting a lower price than you deserve for your collection. However, they would charge you a fee for their services, which you should always decide before going ahead with the deal. You could also get in touch with stamp collectors who make money by buying and selling stamps.

Selling by Yourself:

If you want to sell your stamp collection all by yourself, then be ready for a good learning experience. It won't be a cake walk but it would teach you a lot about stamps. Pick up a Scott catalog to find your stamps' value. You could even go to a stamp club close to your place. The members of these clubs know a lot about stamps and would help you with all your queries about the collection. If you are lucky, a member might even offer to pay you a good deal for the collection.

Selling on the Internet:

There's a large number of websites on the Internet that deal with selling of collectibles. 'eBay' and 'Delcampe' are good examples. You could even create your own site to sell stamps, but it would need huge inputs of time and effort. Describe your stamps well in detail on these sites to get the best price.

Selling through an Auction:

Certain auction house would sell your collection for you if they feel that your collection is valued. Few indicators that a collection will sell well are given below:

  • The stamps are in a good condition. They are not torn and untidy.
  • The stamps belong to a single country.
  • They belong to very old times. Stamps since around 1935 in the USA have no value.
  • The collection has the envelopes with the stamps. These envelopes, on which the stamps are pasted, are more valuable than the stamps themselves.
  • The collection consists of 'philatelic literature' describing the stamps.

Now that you know how to sell a stamp collection, get ready to use the approach that best suits your situation.

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How to Remove Stamps From Envelopes for Stamp Collecting

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Don't worry Homer, stamp removal is easy!

Ever wonder how to remove stamps from envelopes for stamp collecting. Here are some time tips on how to do it.

First you need to figure out if you should remove the stamp from the envelope at all. Some stamps are worth much more attached to the original envelope. A stamp may be worth a few dollars, but attached to an envelope that shows it place in history it might be priceless. In some cases damaging the envelope would not only ruin potential value but may damage a historical document. Be sure you know what you have before you do anything.

So have you evaluated the stamp decided removing it from the envelope will not damage any value and now you need to know how to remove a stamp from an envelope for stamp collecting. Start by cutting the corner of the envelope off. Be sure to leave plenty of room around the stamp, you want to avoid damaging the stamp.

Next place the stamp in a bowl of warm water for 10 minutes. If the stamp is old you will want to use cold water the ink on older stamps may run in warm water. If you are lucky the stamp will release itself and float to the top. Some stamps may need a bit of encouragement to release. This is often the case with the recent peel and stick variety of stamps.

Now carefully remove the stamp from the water. Be gentle the stamp has the potential to be very fragile at this point in the process. Move the stamp to a paper towel and gently blot it. A good tip is to line a cookie sheet with paper towels that way you can line up several wet stamps and move them to a secure location when done. Leave the stamps in a warm dry location overnight.

The next day you will find you now have dry stamps. They will also be very curly stamps. This is the part of the process that requires a lot of patience. Find a very heavy book and place your stamps in the middle of the book. Close the book, and place a weight on top of it. Now wait three weeks. When the three weeks are over you will you now have nice dry flat stamps.

Now you know how to remove stamps from envelopes for stamp collecting. It is fun and I bet it is easier than you thought it would be. Have fun stamp collection.

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How to Make the Most Out of Your Stamp Show Experience

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Romanian stamps

Stamp collectors all recognize the words “stamp show”; many of us get excited over them. But how can you make the most out of your stamp show visit?

The answer is simple, short and sweet: preparation.

First off, do your research. Find out who is going to be there. Learn which dealers and which stamp collecting organizations will be in attendance. Once you learn that, you can do a little research amongst your fellow stamp collectors and online to find out what those dealers specialize in, which will help determine which dealers you will want to visit first. Once you get the stamps you want, you will be able to explore the other dealers. And, on the other hand, by finding out what organizations are there, you will be able to fraternize with any you might belong to or you might find a group with which to affiliate yourself. By planning ahead of time and making sure you find at least some of the stamps you want, you will have more time left over to be social.

The second step in preparation is gathering your materials prior to the show. Make sure you have your tools – magnifying glass, loupe, tongs, etc. – and a way to transport your new collectibles safely and securely. This will assure that you are completely prepared and ready to take on the show, all without wandering around aimlessly and hoping to come across a stamp you want by chance and without destroying any of your new items.

Another step in preparation is to make a checklist of stamps that you would like to add to your collection. No, you might not get them all at once, but keeping the checklist will make sure that you will get the stamps you want and help you keep organized the ones you have and do not have. This will last you not only the soonest upcoming show but for many shows afterward.

And make sure you prepare for the day of the show. Double-check that you don't have any previous engagements, chores or obligations. After all, you want to enjoy the show worry-free.

Finally, be prepared to enjoy the show! After all, it isn’t business; it’s a hobby, and we all have our hobbies to keep ourselves entertained. Preparation will ensure that you get to enjoy the show to its fullest without missing out on anything fun!

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Top 10 Most Rare Stamps

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Inverted Airmail or the Inverted Jenny

Stamp collecting is something that some people go crazy for. I mean, auctions, galleries, and hair pulling (just kidding about the hair pulling). But for most stamp collectors it's just a hobby. If you're one of those people, maybe you're curious about it, maybe you want to get serious, here is a list of the top ten most rare stamps out there, and not to mention the most expensive.

1. British Guiana 1 Cent Magenta- 1856, alleged to be the rarest stamp ever to be. These were limited to begin with, but now appears that there may only be one left in existence.

2. Treskilling Yellow- Issued in 1855, this stamp won the record for the highest paid price for a stamp in 1996. This one was one of the first of five postage stamps released in Sweden, this yellow stamp was actually meant to be green.

3. Post Office Mauritius (Blue Penny/Red Penny)- 1847, issued in Ireland and Britain. The stamp was supposed to say "post paid", but instead said "post office". Only 26 are still around now.

4. Inverted Airmail (The Inverted Jenny)- 1918, perhaps the most famous US error in stamps. The picture of a Curtiss JN-4 plane was accidentally printed upside down.

5. Perot Provisional Stamps- 1848, one of the first stamps of Bermuda. It's face value at only one penny, there are only 11 left in the world. One of which was said to be owned by Queen Elizabeth. This stamp was named after it's printer William Perot.

6. Hawaiian Missionary stamps- From 1851, these stamps were brought to Hawaii by American missionaries (if the title wasn't enough). The first to be released in Hawaii and seeing how there are very few left, I'd say this qualifies for spot #6. The three units were for 2-cents, 5-cents, and 13-cents.

7. Inverted Airmail (The Inverted Jenny)- 1918, perhaps the most famous US error in stamps. The picture of a Curtiss JN-4 plane was accidentally printed upside down.

8. Inverted Swan- Released in 1855, this Australian stamp was printed with the upside down picture of a swan. Only 15 in mint condition are still around today.

9. Penny Blue Stamps- First issued in 1840, this British stamp lacked the name of it's own country. It was one of the first stamps in history ever to be released. Well, you can't win 'em all.

10. Benjamin Franklin Z-Grill stamp- Issued in 1868 in the US. only two exist in the world.

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Insuring Your Stamp Collection

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Do you know how much your collection is worth?

If you are a stamp collector with a built up collection that has turned into almost an investment, and you are looking to protect yourself financially in the case the collection is damaged, then be sure to check out how you can insure your stamp collection.

The first thing you want to do when looking to insure your stamp collection is to have the stamps appraised. There are several catalogs on the market that list the value of each and every stamp ever produced, and there are people who are experts who specialize in stamp values that can do the appraisal for you. Deciding to either do the appraisal yourself, or have an expert can all be determined by the budget you have. If you are looking to save some money, then doing the appraisal stamp by stamp yourself, making sure to add up the total value is the way to go, but if money is no object, then an appraiser can be hired to do the job for you.

After you have the stamps appraised you want to call up the various insurance companies in your area to determine what kind of collectibles insurance they have to offer. While it is possible to go with the same insurance company that insures your house, or your car, make sure that you go through all the possible insurance companies and see their offers before you make a decision. When asking around to see what kind of deal you can get on collectibles insurance, you want to make sure that there are no strings attached to the insurance you buy. Making sure that you purchase the coverage you want, and at the price you think you can afford is important in making your decision of which company to go with.

After choosing a company you can tell them what the value of your collection is, and what type of coverage you are looking for. The next step to insure your stamp collection involves writing up the paperwork and sign off on the payment process you choose to go with. If your stamp collection is very large and is of high value then a monthly payment plan may be preferred. With the paperwork all taken care of, you can begin making payments, and sleep easy knowing that your stamp collection is financially protected.

Overall insuring your stamp collection can be a tiresome process with the appraisal process, but once the coverage is done, you can relax knowing that you have financially protection in the case your stamp collection is ever damaged.

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Finding a Stamp Collection Auction

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Bird Stamps

Stamp collecting or philately is considered a great hobby not only for kids but also for the older people. Such people may have a profound interest to compile various kinds of stamps on their album. Stamp collecting can be viewed not just as a hobby but also as a mode of collecting information. A stamp may feature different kinds of things ranging from famous personalities to historical events.

You can search for a stamp collection auction if you wish to sell or add to your stamp collection. Many people are eager to make profits from their unique stamp collection. The price value of a unique stamp may be very high depending on the limited version of release or its rare nature. Such stamps can be bought from stamp collection auctions easily. You can for instance become a member of the Stamp Auction Network, which is the number one place to find auction calendars, stamp auction catalogs, images of stamps, prices realized and lots more! Bidding is also virtually free and easy at Stamp Auction Network. You can sell your collection outright or consign it to an appropriate auction house.

You can find out about a stamp collection auction in your area by browsing through local newspapers or philatelic magazines. By going to an auction, you may easily come across stamp collectors who want to buy some of your stamps to complete or add to their collection. Magazines and newspapers also carry advertisements asking for special or rare varieties of stamps. The internet is a good thing to make use of, because you can join auction sales online to sell your stamps at a higher price. You can compare the prices offered from present advertisements online and get the best price for your stamp.

Finding a stamp collection auction is all the easier when you join gatherings or clubs and interact with people who share the same passion. In this way, you can also meet people who are collecting items just like you. You can also trade some of your stamps for a particular stamp that you have been looking for.

Last but not the least, a stamp collector must always be on the lookout for important announcements related to stamp exhibitions or auctions. He should also be in a position to care for his stamps well because they are extremely sensitive. They are not just pieces of paper but products having profound value and importance.

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